Students and Parents

I don't know how to thank SSI Open enough, but when *Hun suddenly wanted to come back to Korea at the end of his junior year, saying he couldn't do anything in the U.S. and didn't have the strength to hold on anymore, it felt like the sky was falling. Somehow, I managed to convince him to finish out the semeste before coming back, so he finished the second semester of his 11th grade and rushed to fly back to Korea, barely packing his things. I had been looking at international schools here and there, but not many were willing to accept a rising 12th grader who needed to fill out college applications. That's when SSI Open reached out to me, saying it wouldn’t be easy, but let's figure something out together. After coming to Korea and finding psychological stability under my care, *Hun was accepted to NYU, which had seemed impossible to me. But it was all thanks to the intensive care of SSI teachers and a counselor who was able to advocate for * Hun and helped him navigate a challenging situation and assisted him with his college application.


When my daughter received a six-tier grading scale in her first semester of high school, I was devastated. I soon realized that her inquisitive and questioning nature would be better suited to an American-style education, where she would be able to create projects and learn through discussion, rather than sitting at a desk for hours on end and studying by memorization. One of my friends recommended SSI to me because she said her daughter was very happy at SSI, and I really liked the fact that SSI allows students to take courses at their own pace, and the counselors design courses and progression based on students’ majors and interests. The outcome of our choice exceeded our expectations. At first, however, the biggest challenge was being taught only in English, but I am very proud of *In for persevering through the process.


My daughter attended an international school not accredited by the Department of Education in Korea and was preparing to go to art school. However, there were many conflicts with school hours due to portfolio production and participation in art exhibitions, and the long commute to and from school was very difficult for her. When I searched for an alternative, I found SSI Open and received a consultation. At first, I was skeptical that she could complete her high school courses online, but the quality of the teachers was beyond my expectations. The program was perfect for her because she could watch recorded videos during the regular school day if she couldn't make it to class on time due to other commitments.