February 7, 2024 / by scholarsaca

Open Seminar: 4-Year Roadmap

Seoul Scholars International hosted its second open seminar on October 12th, 2023. This event targeted 8th and 9th-grade students and focused on the students’ 4-year academic roadmap. The event drew SSI students and parents who were curious to gain insight about the academic plan for the remaining school years leading up to graduation.

Mr. John, the dedicated counselor for 8th and 9th graders began the seminar by explaining the graduation requirements applicable to all SSI students. Students must have a total of 24 credits, and the specific courses they take depend on their individual academic levels and the course rigor aligned with their intended college majors. He also provided clarification on the often-asked question about GPA and credit calculation, which was of significant interest to parents.

Having thoroughly mapped out the different subjects and their pathways, Mr. John continued to identify the various standardized tests and the recommended testing timelines. Students were strongly encouraged to start preparing for and taking exams like the TOEFL and SAT/ACT as early as possible. Engaging in extracurricular activities was also emphasized as a valuable pursuit for students. Continuous participation in extracurricular activities relevant to their desired majors can effectively demonstrate the students’ dedication and leadership skills. However, choosing a major and specific extracurricular may be difficult for students in grades 8 and 9. To assist students in exploring their strengths and study habits, SSI employs aptitude assessments through Cialfo.

The seminar concluded with the presentation of case studies featuring students who currently attend prestigious institutions such as Washington University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA. The series of open seminars will continue throughout the year as SSI counselors always actively collaborate with students to help them identify their callings and prepare them for college and their future careers.