February 4, 2024 / by scholarsaca

2023 Johns Hopkins University COLLEGE VISIT

The admission officer from Johns Hopkins University visited Seoul Scholars International on Sep 15th.

Academics at JHU
Research: Johns Hopkins is America’s first research university and #1 for research investment. 80% of students participate in the research program.
Internship: The university offers one-on-one work with academic advisors and faculty mentors to students. Through this personalized advising and resources, 85% of students experience at least one internship.
Study Abroad programs with 50 countries.

JHU Admission Guide
Johns Hopkins University does Holistic Review. When they review the applications, they look for academic character, impact and initiative, and overall match across your application materials.
Academic Character:
How you pursue your academics, contribute to the learning environment, and engage with your interests beyond the classroom. They find this in your transcripts, activities list, recommendations (1 counselor and 2 teachers), and test scores (optional).
Impact & Initiative:
The roles and impact you’ve had in clubs, organizations, jobs and internships, or within your own family and community. They find this in your activities list, recommendations, and essays.
Overall Match:
Your values, goals, and how the university believes you’d grow within their community. They typically find this in your supplemental essay, personal statement, and overall application.

Application Deadline
Early Decision I Nov 1, 2023
Early Decision II January 2, 2024
Regular Decision January 2, 2024

1. Should I still send my test scores even though it’s optional?
Approximately 60% of applicants are submitting their test scores. If you feel they are an accurate representation of your academic abilities, you may want to consider submitting them. Those who do not submit test scores will not be disadvantaged during the process.

2. What major should I choose under the Pre-Med program?
You can combine the pre-med advising track with any major.

3. Admission for Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Students are admitted specifically into the BME major based on evaluation of credentials and space available. Students can be admitted to Hopkins without being admitted to the BME major.

4. What are my options if I wasn’t accepted into the BME major as an Early Decision applicant?
The vast majority of students still choose to attend Hopkins and pursue another engineering option, or a different discipline altogether. If you choose to attend Hopkins, you may enroll under your second-choice major or select a different major (which you are not bound to and may change at any given point).

5. JHU is well known for STEM. What about Liberal Arts?
1/3 of JHU students are majoring in Humanities. The university also donates about 70 million dollars to the department to support it.

6. Campus housing
5 different types of dorms, and there’s no restricted time for sleeping or eating.

7. Graduation credit requirements
Credit requirements differ by majors. There are school advisors and major advisors who help students with their academic plans.

The whole session was very informative for our students!