January 31, 2024 / by scholarsaca

2022 College Visit – The University Of Miami

The University of Miami held a virtual college admission briefing for our SSI.
Helpful Info for college applications (from the International Admissions Director at Miami University: Mindy Yiu)

  1. Most universities are taking a holistic approach on candidates- more than numbers. Grades are important, scores are important, but you cannot appeal to a top university without branding yourself. She said that students need to really work on their own story- create experiences, do work outside of school, make memories that add to their career & job goals.
  2. More and more universities are becoming test-optional. But if you can take them you should. Especially good scores.
  3. If your score on the SAT/ACT Reading sections are high enough, TOEFL/IELTS/English language tests may not be required.
  4. For common application essay topics- students must personalize each essay to the university. Avoid copying and pasting the exact same essays- always show the university why YOU need to go THERE.
  5. Scholarships may be easier to get if you diversify your interests. If the school is super competitive for a specific major, it will be hard to get a scholarship for that major.
  6. Show the school you have an interest in a special program or research opportunity that they offer. Admissions officers like to see what you would really do once you get there.
  7. Do not lie about your abilities or talents.